Welcome to The Grantage Hotel

Here We Come, The Grantage Here we come, the Grantage. A living space for you who travels beyond and seek for a momentary breath, soulful moments. We do believe in the Greatest value of all our ancestor, that life won’t wait to please us, but we should living life to the fullest. Recharge your energy enough to see, to get a kind place of pleasure and life in it. the Grantage are more than a living place. It’s a habitat for pleasure seekers. Become our part & realize your dream along with our passionate services for you.

We’re living in the Grandest Island

Not to exaggerate, our thousand island home is the most popular Mega Diversity country which has so many beautiful landscapes of earth & unique cultures. These archipelago we’re living in it, somehow, transmitted their nature values to us to inspire others by creating spaces for you to stay in.