AESPA, this South Korean K-pop girl group has managed to shake up the world music scene with their talent and appearance. Launched by SM Entertainment in 2020, Karina, Giselle, Winter, and Ningning break ground in every performance by blending virtual and real worlds. Vibrant music and dynamic performances have captivated millions of fans around the world. In addition, they have also succeeded in bringing new hope to future K-pop groups through concepts and musical creativity.

        With music inspired by the metaverse, aespa has revolutionized the K-pop industry. Their debut single, “Black Mamba”, broke K-pop debut video views records, while their follow-up single, “Next Level”, became a massive hit. Their EPs, such as “Savage”, “Girls” and “My World”, have sold millions of copies and dominated charts around the world. The group has also graced major events like Coachella, solidifying their presence on the international scene.

        AESPA successfully combines K-pop and EDM coupled with an immersive storyline and stunning choreography that makes this girl group feel different.As every AESPA concert offers an unforgettable experience it is important to prepare well. The following are practical tips that TRAC friends can try to make the experience of watching the AESPA concert even better.

5 Tips for Enjoying AESPA Concerts in Indonesia

1.Secure tickets and arrive early
        Make sure TRAC friends buy tickets from official sources to avoid fraud. Don’t forget to exchange your ticket for a wristband that will be used as a sign of entry.Exchange time is 23 June 2023 at 10.00 – 21.00 WIB at Ticket Box Hall 7-8, ICE BSD and on the D day 24 June 2023 starting at 08.00 WIB – Ticket Booth Hall 10, ICE BSD. Exchange requirements are e-voucher and ticket holder’s identity card.

2.What are the items to bring?
        Try to only carry important items in small bags, such as cellphones, wallets, and chargers. Because some promoters usually don’t allow big bags for security reasons. If TRAC friends are sensitive enough to loud noises, then consider bringing ear plugs. If possible, carry a water bottle with you to stay hydrated.

3.Understand concert etiquette
        When watching a concert, it is important to respect each other, especially regarding space so as not to interfere with other people’s experiences. Avoid talking excessively during the performance and pay attention to the use of the camera. Remember that not everyone wants to get up and dance, so don’t be selfish!

4.Enjoy the concert to your heart’s content
        TRAC friends can try to free themselves in the captivating music and performances from AESPA. You can dance, sing along and don’t worry about looking silly, because everyone is there to have fun. Most importantly, stay within limits! Be open to making new friends because concerts are where fans can hang out.

5.Maintain personal safety and security
        It’s okay to have fun, but keep your personal belongings and be aware of the surrounding conditions. Follow the rules that apply during the concert. If a TRAC friend comes alone, always update the position of the closest person regularly.Most importantly, if you feel uncomfortable or start to get tired, don’t hesitate to get away from the crowd and seek security officers or medical personnel.What is equally important is don’t forget to plan your trip to get to the concert location. TRAC friends who come from outside Tangerang, getting to the BSD area in South Tangerang can certainly be a challenge in itself.

        For lodging access after watching a concert, you can visit the nearest hotel and one of the closest hotels to ICE BSD is The Grantage Hotel.

The Grantage merupakan hotel bintang 4 di BSD yang sangat dekat dengan area perbelanjaan atau shopping centers. Beberapa area belanja yang terkenal diantaranya Mall AEON dan Summarecon Mall Serpong. Selain dekat dengan pusat belanja, Hotel The Grantage juga berada di sekitar ICE Convention Center, IKEA dan Scientia Park. Dengan arsitektur hotel yang bergaya American Modern Classic, menjadikan The Grantage Hotel memiliki nilai lebih yang tidak dimiliki oleh hotel lain.

this hotel is a recommendation for tired audiences to stay here, equipped with a fairly cheap price for a hotel in its class and there is a restaurant also if you feel hungry you can come to this hotel, the rooms here are also very spacious, very comfortable for wanting to stay here. The Grantage Hotel is the best hotel recommendation for the BSD area.